Quick Order Masks Affiliate Program

We pay 10% of gross sales to affiliates on the purchase price of all products.

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Linking Instructions:

Link to any page on the site and add ?aff=YOURUSERNUMBER afterwards. Replace with your number, such as:

What is an affiliate program?

We compensate you for helping share our products online. This is called a healthcare supplies affiliate program. All you have to do is find places where people would be interested in these products (such as our protective face masks) and post your link. We track that link and give you credit.

How Much Money Can I Make as an Affiliate?

The amount of money you can make being an affiliate is unlimited. Bring us your customers by using your affiliate link and any big orders via email. We'll credit you for each of them.

Monthly Sales Revenue Share

  • 10% revenue share via affiliate link
  • Paid Every 2 Weeks (Every other Wednesday)

Minimum Requirements

There are no minimum requirements to be a Quick Order Masks affiliate. Anyone can join for free and publish their affiliate link. However, if you do not send a sale in the first 30 days, we reserve the right to deactivate your account. This is because we have to pay our platform per affiliate account they manage.

Here are the general guidelines that we suggest to be a successful affiliate. They are NOT required.

Website Owners

  1. Have no less than 3,000 unique sessions per month.
  2. Your should be written in a language that our website also supports.
  3. Your website inbound link-profile must not be spammy.
  4. No porn, torrent, spam, or sites with illegal products & services.


  1. You should have at least 500 followers (high engagement is key).
  2. Your follower count should be real.
  3. The engagement on your profile must be realistic.
  4. You must post about our product in a positive manner.
  5. You must not defame our brand or product at any time.
  6. You should use your affiliate link or custom checkout codes in your posts.

We Encourage

  • Product reviews with high-quality pictures.
  • Unboxing videos in 1080p or better.
  • Giveaway of sponsored products to your followers.
  • Placing your face mask affiliate program links in the comments section.
  • Contests that engage your audience with our product.
  • Discussion around healthcare topics and asking how people like our products.
  • Using our brand and slogan hashtags #FaceMask #QuickOrderMasks

We Discourage

  • Low-quality pictures
  • Pictures from bad angles
  • Poor spelling and grammar in your review
  • Content and media that is not tasteful.

What makes the Quick Order Masks affiliate program different?

  • Our team has worked with affiliates for decades prior to the creation of this one. Our affiliates get the best promotional advice.
  • Our cookies last for 30 days, giving you a chance to earn money on your referrals a month after they click your link.
  • We are located on the East Coast, the land of technology. We understand how affiliate software works!
  • We’ve thoroughly tested our healthcare supply affiliate program to ensure proper attribution to affiliates.
  • Our affiliate links are built in an easy to use manner. Just take the URL you want to link to and add ?aff=YOURAFFID to it and your links will track. For bigger affiliates, we can setup redirect links so they affiliate link doesn't look like one on your posts.
  • Our content pages are worth linking to, so using your links to our content pages will also give you credit for your referrals!
  • Most of our pages load in less than 1.5 seconds, that’s faster than 95% of the healthcare supply industry’s websites!
  • We use healthcare oriented branding, so we are safe to send both male and female traffic, and anyone in between.
  • Getting started is as easy as taking 32 seconds to register above.